Dinamica® Pure by Miko

Same microfiber but simply better with more recycled content per article

Dinamica® by Miko* is a microfibre which is produced in part by using recycled polyester without the use of organic solvents** but using a water-based process. This Italian-designed suede is suitable for a variety of applications: seatIing, headrest, armrest, dashboard, rear parcel shelf, door panels, headliner, pillars and sun visor.

Miko is Dinamica’s brand heritage and continues to play a big role in growing the brand in the EMEA region with production of Dinamica at Miko. Today, Sage Automotive Interiors has expanded the manufacturing footprint for Dinamica beyond Italy and into North America and China.

Miko designed a new line, PURE, for mobility needs featuring a higher proportion of recycled content per article made from a mixture of post-consumer and pre-consumer content***.For example recycled content for seat applications from AUTO 45% to 73% PURE. Same appearance and performance just more recycled content.

*Miko is a Sage company based in Italy that manufactures luxury textile suedes.
**For example, DMF and trichloroethylene that can be used to manufacture synthetic materials.
***recycled content varies depending on article & application.

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