Smart Cloak Gateway

Smart home robotics solution for secure in-home delivery

Smart Cloak Gateway is a smart system that extends the Japanese concept of “Doma” or earthen floor. The system can ensure a secure in-home delivery by installing it in an enclosed boundary area between the house’s outside and inner doors (or enclosed foyer).

Asahi Kasei provides the digital service platform “iDX-Platform” and a specific system for delivery workers. Only the delivery worker with your order can know the time-limited password to enter your home through this system.

In response to the increasing number of home deliveries, Asahi Kasei also has a Smart Pantry that works in conjunction with robotics to enable a seamless in-home delivery with a higher level of security. This solution eliminates the security concerns of leaving your deliveries outside of the home and enables the safe receipt of your orders; these benefits are all in conjunction with the system’s ability to improve accessibility to various services while providing a safe and convenient lifestyle.

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