Fresh Logi

Solve problems of cold logistics and reduce food-loss and GHG

Food is wasted in mass amounts, especially fruits and vegetables. There are many issues related to solving this dilemma's logistics side, such as enhancing cold transportation capabilities, keeping freshness during transportation, storage options without chemicals or poisons, and the regulations related to greenhouse gas emissions.

Fresh Logi provides a solution to these issues using two key technologies: a sealed box and a ‘freshness prediction’ system.

With sealed boxes, anyone can keep fruits and vegetables fresh for longer, no matter the location. The boxes prevent inside foods from being affected by external environments (high temperatures, drying, gasses, etc.) and enable them to be transported at room temperature. The box transportation under room temperature saves energy for cooling foods – further reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

This system doesn’t only monitor transportation environments but also predicts the freshness after the arrival of fruits and vegetables inside the box. This is done by analyzing the transportation data from sensors on the boxes.

Visualizing the present and future freshness enables supermarkets and food warehouses to determine suitable timing for throwing items away and ensuring consumer food safety.

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