Nature Ponics

Nature Ponics realizes sustainable hydroponics with producing organic liquid fertilizers

Hydroponics has become a popular subject in recent years; however, there have been limited options for using chemical fertilizers, which results in the high consumption of fossil fuels.

Many countries are aggressively setting goals and actions to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and produce a more sustainable target. Asahi Kasei is the first company to develop a hydroponics system that uses organic compounds as fertilizer sources instead of chemical alternatives.

In cultivation using organic fertilizers, it is necessary to decompose organic compounds by microorganisms to generate nutrients that plants can absorb. Until recently, organic fertilizer has not been put into practical use in hydroponics due to the difficulty of adjusting the number of organic compounds added.

If too many organic substances exist, the microorganisms will get damaged, and decomposition will not progress. Conversely, if there are too few organic substances, the nutrients necessary for plants will be short, and the plants will not grow well.

Nature Ponics provides a system that can produce liquid fertilizers by establishing a suitable environment for decomposing the organic compounds using a unique algorithm. The system enables the production of liquid fertilizers from organic compounds on a regular basis.

The liquid fertilizer sources are by-products from food processing factories. Nature Ponics realizes sustainable hydroponics with environmentally friendly fertilizer sources and a system that automatically produces liquid fertilizers.

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